Pathway to Success

If elected you have my commitment to serve faithfully and be a listening ear to all voices. Below is an outline of initiatives and issues that are important to me and will be my primary focus as your elected representative.


By looking into opportunities offered by each college, department, and campus, we will be able to promote more opportunities that relevant groups of students are not yet taking advantage of


By creating an institutional incentive for professors and faculty to get involved with student organizations, more of them will be able to contribute to the culture of student involvement


By creating an inclusion center on every USU campus, we will have a no cost option to continuing DEI initiatives on the state level


Matt’s Leadership philosophy revolves around creating an environment for his team to succeed.


Matt’s Experience both within USUSA and with other organizations makes him a candidate who knows what it takes to succeed in this office.


Matt is motivated primarily by his love for people. The people he’s met at USU have given him a great desire to serve his community.

As your elected Student Body President, I will represent every student voice and be a readily available resource for all.

– Matt Richey